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Mileage Logger is the complete package for recording and printing your mileage so you can claim what’s due to you, whether it is from your employer or HMRC.

Use your Mileage Logger application to record and produce reports, in a fully amendable excel format to suit you.

This application is ideal for logging mileage for the employed or self-employed and is HMRC compliant.

Mileage Logger allows you to enter each trip either in advance, as it takes place or even after the event.

Easy to use and conveniently remembers your regular clients and details.


  • Date entry with calendar and sort function
  • Client entry, with client dropdown and sort facility
  • Trip description remembered for future use
  • Start, finish mileage entry with automatic calculation or single trip distance
  • Fully amendable trips
  • Personal details on spreadsheet, printed out directly from application set up
  • Financial details to allow company claim and HMRC difference
  • HMRC compliant
  • Trips logged directly to your phone, network connection not essential
  • Email trips in excel spreadsheet format, network connection essential
  • Excel spreadsheet fully amendable
  • Direct email to company head office if required
  • Clear down facility ready for new period

Software that is reliable and functional. How did you ever survive without it?


Sample of Mileage Logger exported spreadsheet.
Mileage Logger SS shot


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